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Some History of the Band...


Vanessa played at Chicago Fest in 1978 and formed her first band. This band began playing the Chicago and Midwest club circuit and soon became one of the most popular acts in the area.


Vanessa released her first single “One More Kiss” which was named Pick Single Of the week by Billboard Magazine. The first VanessaFest drew a crowd of 2000 and became an annual Labor Day weekend event. In this year she also received the Prairie Sun Music Award for Best Vocals & Best Band.


Vanessa Davis performed for the cast and crew of the Bill Cosby Show at their season ending party in New York. The invitation to perform was extended by the producer of the show after she heard her at a local club in Chicago. Vanessa’s rendition of the national anthem was telecast nation wide when she sang the “Star Spangled Banner” for the Chicago Cubs in 1983 & 1984. She not only appeared at the first Chicago Fest, then annually at every Taste of Chicago.
Her band’s first album “Fast Forward” was critically acclaimed when it was released in 1984.


Along with James Brown, The Vanessa Davis Band took part in a concert to raise funds for the late Mayor Washington’s “Share It Program.” Benefits from the concert, which was held at the Arie Crown Theater went to provide food and money for the city’s needy.
Vanessa and Hugh Hart began to collaborate on a consistent basis. From these efforts came a wealth of original material. She combined her blues influence into a rock mood. A five-song cassette containing some of these original tunes was released in 1987. In April 1988 they released a single featuring “Wild Child” and “Follow Your Heart” both the cassette and the 45 received airplay. The band went from playing in small, local clubs to performing in larger venues such as the VIC Theater, Holiday Star Theater and the Park West on a regular basis.


The band also released a new CD One Heart.


Vanessa received the Illinois Entertainer Magazine Chicago Music award for best vocals.

1991- 2003

The Vanessa Davis Band played clubs throughout the Midwest.


The Vanessa Davis Band took time off the circuit only to re-emerge playing to packed houses at Legends, Fitzgerald’s, The Abby and The Illinois Arts Council of Peoria.


Vanessa moved her talent to Europe. She plays Amsterdam often. She’s sung in the Netherlands (Apeldoorn, Amsterdam, Harlan), in Germany (Köln).  She played these places touring with European Bands. She also released a CD’s Live at Minstrels, 79-81 plus Bootleg, both sold in Europe.


The Year of the Gay Olympics, Vanessa not only played softball in the games but played on stage at most outdoor festivals in Chicago. The largest being Halsted Street Fair. Also this year she was a lead vocal sharing songs with Jimy Rogers on his latest CD Jimy Rogers and the Mauds Soul Attitude.


The Vanessa Davis Band went to Amsterdam to play New Years Eve, and for 2 weeks of touring. For 30 years Vanessa’s high energy & strong vocals have rocked audiences. She currently keeps audiences infused with energy by playing jump blues, down home R&B, and a smattering of jazz.
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